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3 Questions to RAJSHREE PATEL


V+A – Why is so difficult to live in the present?

RP: No one ever taught us how to live in the present. It’s not difficult, if you have some awareness of how mind works and a few simple tools to use everyday. If you don’t know how to brush your teeth, keeping mouth healthy is difficult. Once you learn it’s easy. Do it daily fir a few moments and there is dentsl hygiene. If you use the tools of breath and meditation a few Moments a day there is mental hygiene.

V+A – Which are the unsuspected enemies that tear us apart of our nature?

RP:2. Our lack of awareness of who we really are, at our core, creates the disharmony, separation and conflict. Everyone is born with joy. It’s not gone, just covered by passing events. We keep looking to feel whole outside. We forget that we were created whole, full and complete.

V+A – If is not easy to let it go some positions, how to be open to new perspectives?

RP:3. I ask you, …is it easier to hold in to the old position? If so!, hold it. The fact that one wants to let go and find a new perspective means the old is not working.

If you really look and see that holding on is hurting you. That anyway everything changes you will find you drop it. .. most important you have to really want to let go. We are afraid so we hold old stale peanuts. .. habits that don’t serve us. BE COURAGEOUS Trust your self and go out and do, DO something new. Decide and be done.

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